This article is designed to guide EMS users through the process of using the Dashboard and setting up notifications within the EMS software

Notification Setup

  1. Open the Dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard button in the toolbar
  2. Once the Dashboard dialog box is open, click on the Options menu on the upper-right of the dialog box.
  3. Change any of the settings you wish. Some recommended options are listed below:
    1. The check boxes will indicate different content types to see notifications for
    2. The radio buttons will trigger the Notifications button icon to blink from green to red.
  4. Once all settings are to your liking, click OK to return to the Dashboard dialog box.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard dialog box is divided between two panes: On the left, the pane is divided between information types on the bottom and filters and queries on the top. The right side The Dashboard allows EMS users to see a list of of the following types of information:

  • Course Updates
    • The information here showcases any status changes with courses
    • Divided into Courses and Crosslist Validation, details pertaining to updates are populated there
  • Reminders
    • Reminders are assigned to a given user and can be filtered by date, reminder type, and where the reminder is attached (i.e., reservation, booking, etc.)
    • Responsible Users can be filtered as well to show a single or group of EMS users with reminders assigned to them
  • Everyday User Reservations
    • Defined by reservations made by Everyday Users via the EMS Web application
  • Guest Requests
    • Any pending event requests will be listed here with organization, event name, event type, status, and event start date
  • Wait List
    • Any event requests that are on wait list due to a conflict in a given room
  • Building Hours Exceptions
    • Any events or event requests that are outside of the normal business hours of a building set within the EMS software
    • Filters can be applied by status and by building
  • Analytics
    • Allows for Booking Dates and Times, and date ranges to be applied to specific user-defined queries for the purpose of reports
    • Reports can be displayed in charts and exported into Excel and XML formats
  • At A Glance (optional)
    • Allows for a quick overview of the all bookings based upon status and building at any given date
    • The information can be filtered by various types depending on the existing reservations and bookings in the EMS software


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