Sending confirmation emails to requestors


This article is designed to guide EMS users through the process of sending confirmation emails to event requestors within the EMS software


  • EMS Reservation or Booking


  1. Open an existing reservation or booking. This will open the Navigator dialog box for the reservation or booking.
  2. Click the Confirmation button adjacent to the Booking Summary pane
  3. Select the Department from the drop-down menu. The organizational information will be at the top of the confirmation email file.
  4. Choose all of the buildings in the Buildings tab
  5. Choose all of the categories in the Categories tab
  6. Select all of the non-academic statuses from the Statuses tab
  7. Select the Options tab and and check any details you wish to confirm from the checkboxes then click Print Preview. This will open the Print Preview dialog box
  8. The Print Preview will appear in a PDF format with all of the details associated with the reservation, booking, resources, categories, etc.
  9. Click Email button. Note: In order for Email to work, EMS needs to have an email address in the contact information to connect to Outlook or Exchange services
  10. In your email client, confirm information and enter desired recipients in "To" field. Send email when ready.


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