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General information, FAQs, and troubleshooting information for Banner.
Integrated Data and Reporting (IDR) consists of a data warehouse and a data reporting and analysis tool (Cognos BI).

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Access to AppWorx Specific Jobs

Who to contact in order to access to Job Scheduling application (AppWorx).

AEC Connect/AIM

Basic info on AEC Connect/AIM.

Document Imaging Access and Support

How to get access to Document Imaging (Singularity)

DuckDocs - Perceptive

How to get access to DuckDocs

How can I change my Oracle login within Applications Manager?

How to change your Oracle login within Applications Manager.

How to Change Your Data Warehouse Password

How to Change Your Data Warehouse Password.

Job Scheduling FAQ

Common questions pertaining to job scheduling

What does it mean if my AppWorx job aborts?

This article describes the three main causes for a job to abort and provides examples for each.