Getting Started with Smartsheet


This article is designed to act as an overview of Smartsheet at the University of Oregon, showcasing how to access it, request support, what services are offered along with the vendor contact and some of the key resources.

It is available to UO faculty, staff, and some students who have a UO Smartsheet account or are requesting a new UO Smartsheet license.

Signing into Smartsheet

Smartsheet is accessed in three different ways: by the web, by its desktop application, or by its mobile application.

Through the web application

  1. Go to the Smartsheet website and click on Log In in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Microsoft login.
  3. Sign in with your UO email address and password.

Through the desktop application

  1. Open the Smartsheet application from your computer.
  2. Select Microsoft login.
  3. Sign in with your UO email address and password.

Through the mobile application

  1. Open the application and select I already have an account.
  2. Select Continue with Microsoft.
  3. Sign in with your UO email address and password.
Note: If you aren't already logged into Microsoft Office 365 through the UO, then you'll be prompted to provide your account information (UO email address and password). If this is your first time using this login method, you'll also be asked to grant Smartsheet permission to use your credentials. Smartsheet will then log you in.

How do I get support for Smartsheet?

Services We Offer

UO Information Services offers support with UO Smartsheet account provisioning including:

  • New license request
  • Modifying existing accounts including:
    • Upgrading from a non-licensed account to a licensed account
    • Group admin permission
    • License transfer
    • License termination

Licensed accounts are for individuals who will need to build/create sheets, reports, dashboards, etc., in Smartsheet. For new licensed account requests, account upgrade requests, and license transfer requests, you will need to provide a fund index code to charge the license fee.

Currently, the cost of a Smartsheet license is $455.98 per user per year. The cost of the license is prorated through June 30 each year. 

If you need to submit a request for assistance, please consult the Smartsheet Support Request service page and select the Create a Ticket button.

Services We Do Not Offer

UO Information Services do not offer support with Smartsheet functions and formulas as well as non-UO Smartsheet accounts.

Smartsheet Support

There are several ways to get help from Smartsheet. 

  • Email support: submit an email to Contact Smartsheet Support
  • Phone support: call Assisted Support at 844-498-5364 (Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., Pacific Time)

Smartsheet Training and Resources

The Smartsheet website offers free online training and resources. 


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