Integrated Data and Reporting (IDR) consists of a data warehouse (Ellucian ODS), and a reporting and analysis tool (IBM Cognos Analytics). Cognos can be accessed in your browser at

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Pinned Article How do I get access to the IDR data warehouse and Cognos?

Steps for gaining access to the IDR data warehouse, additional data security (if needed), and the Cognos Analytics service.

Pinned Article IDR Cognos Training

Cognos training for new or current users can be accomplished using our self-paced training guides. Specific help of Cognos is available remotely via MS Teams or Zoom meetings. Simply open an service ticket to start the process.

Advanced Report Writer Role and Process

Advanced Report Writer Role and Process

Cognos Data Guide

The Cognos Data Guide provides a summary of the various data groups available in Cognos and the types of data that can be found in them. This article is particularly useful for people trying to determine what data groups should be requested for their work within the Cognos reporting service.

Contacts and Support - Advanced Report Writers

The Advanced Report Writers across campus can be utilized as experts in their functional areas, as well as for report writing assistance.

Departmental Folders

University of Oregon units may want to maintain their own IDR Cognos Departmental Folders in which to keep reports they have developed for internal use. In addition, within the departmental folder, they may want to create additional folders to organize and manage access to the reports.

Direct SQL (Ad Hoc) Access to the ODS Data Warehouse

Direct access to the ODS database for advanced analytics is provided on a limited basis to a small number of key personnel in academic and administrative units as well as analysts within the Office of Institutional Research. This access, when provided, will be based on a verified need to perform advanced ad hoc data analysis which can’t be met by predefined data models and tools available through the Integrated Data and Reporting (IDR) Cognos application.

How To Move or Share a Cognos Report using XML

This describes the method for accessing the report specification XML and copying it to the clipboard, or opening a new report from previously copied XML.

How to rerun a report in Cognos

This article will provide instructions on rerunning a report in Cognos Analytics 11, including scheduled reports.

How to Run a Report in Cognos Analytics 11

Learn how to run a report in Cognos Analytics 11.

How to Save and View Report Versions in Cognos Analytics 11

The following article describes how to save a version of a Cognos Analytics 11 report and then view or download that report at any time. It can be beneficial to create a report version in Cognos Analytics 11 if the report takes a long time to run and creates a large data set that is too big to send via emal (10MB or larger), or saving multiple versions of a report can be used as a point-in-time file for trend reporting.

How to Schedule a Report in Cognos Analytics 11

Instructions on how to create a report schedule in Cognos Analytics 11.

How to View and Modify Report Schedules in Cognos Analytics 11

This article will provide instructions on viewing and modifying report schedules in Cognos Analytics 11.

IDR Cognos Advanced Report Writer Training

This training is intended for UO employees who wish to contribute to university knowledge creation by designing and developing reports with greater complexity, or to work on enterprise level reports.

IDR Cognos Report User Training

This article will provide the IDR Cognos User Training document that is used in the training provided by the IDR Team.

IDR Cognos Report Writer Training

This KB article will provide the IDR Cognos Report Writer Training document that is used in the training provided by the IDR Team.

IDR Student Data Reference Guide

For users of the decommissioned legacy Student Data Warehouse (SDW), the following guide was developed to assist with transitioning their reporting to IDR. It provides suggested reports or packages in IDR that are the equivalent to what was found in the SDW.

Renewing Cognos credentials

Five steps to renew Cognos credentials and fix schedule problems

UO Enterprise Reports

A listing of UO Enterprise Reports offered through the IDR-Cognos service.

How to apply departmental folder permissions (for folder delegates) in Cognos Analytics 11

For authorized Cognos departmental folder delegates. The following guide walks through the process of creating sub-folders and granting permissions.