Mailman is a bulk email service that uses curated lists to communicate with large groups.

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Pinned Article Mailman: List Administration

An explanation of Mailman's List Administration information.

Mailman: General Options

Mailman's general options allow you to specify most of the ways that your mail list will interact with the web server and how it will present itself to the users.

Mailman: Create a Mailing List

How to create a mailing list in Mailman.

Mailman: Membership Management

The Membership Management page is where administrators may change access and format options for individual subscribers.

Mailman: Non-Digest Options

Mailman delivers messages to users via two modes: digest or non-digest.

Mailman: Digest Options

Digest delivery is a way to bundle many messages into one package, which can be delivered once per day, or whenever the package reaches a specified limit.

Mailman: Bounce Processing

Bounce processing allows the administrator to control the behavior of Mailman when it detects a bounced message.

Mailman: Privacy Options

The Privacy Options affect who can see the list, post to the list, and view list information.

Mailman: Email Commands

A list of all the commands that Mailman understands.

Mailman: Permission Levels

Administrators, moderators, and subscribers access lists in different ways. This article describes how you can access your list and interact with it.