Mailman: Bounce Processing


Bounce processing allows the administrator to control the behavior of Mailman when it detects a bounced message. The ultimate goal of bounce processing is to disable the subscription of an email address that is no longer functioning.

Enter the URL with your listname to access the Mailman Bounce Processing page, you can go to:


Bounce Detection Sensitivity

  • The (bounce_processing) option allows the administrator to disable bounce processing entirely. By default, it is enabled and Mailman will work toward disabling every non-functional account in the subscription list. Every day that Mailman receives a bounced message, the bounce score of that particular address is increased by one. It is never increased by more than one in a day.
  • The (bounce_score_threshold) setting increases the amount of bounced messages Mailman will process from an address before it disables the subscription. After a few days of not detecting a bounced message, Mailman will reset the bounce score.
  • The (bounce_info_stale_after) setting modifies the number of days before the score is reset. 
  • After a subscription is disabled, Mailman will send a number of warning messages before removing the address is removed completely. The (bounce_you_are_disabled) option controls how many warnings will be sent. The (bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings_interval) controls how long Mailman will wait between sending these warnings.


Notifications determine who should be notified about the actions Mailman will take when bounces are detected. You can elect to be notified when a member is unsubscribed and/or disabled, as well as when the bounce processor fails to detect a bounce.


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