Mailman: Create a Mailing List


How do I create a mailing list in Mailman?


  1. To create a mailing list in Mailman, go to and sign in using your Duck ID credentials.
    • Alternatively, you can go and click on the Create A List link.
  2. Complete the Create a New Mailing List form:
    • Name of list: Create a name for your list. This list name can be anything that is not currently being used by another list. The list name is not case-sensitive. Only letters, numbers, and the symbols dash and underscore ("-" and "_") may be used in the list name.
    • Initial list owner address: Type your email address as the initial list owner.
    • Initial list password: Create a list password. For security reasons, this password should differ from your other passwords. It should have a mixture of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.
    • List Characteristics: It's a good idea to moderate new list members' posts; check the button next to Yes. This setting can be modified later if desired. If you are unsure of the difference between List Administrator and List Moderator, please click here
  3. Once you've filled out the form, click the Create List button.


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