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Mailman's general options allow you to specify most of the ways that your mail list will interact with the web server and how it will present itself to the users. 

To access the Mailman General Options page, you can go to


Options Description New List Default
real_name The public name of the list ( Name of list as submitted
owner The list administrator(s) email address(es).  List owner(s) as submitted
moderator The email address of the list moderator when assigned. (none)
description A description of the list can be provided. (none)
info An introductory description of the list can be provided. (none)
subject_prefix Prefix added to the subject line of list postings. [List name]
Hide the sender of a message, replacing it with the list address (removes From, Sender and Reply-To fields).
Removes any reply-to header from the message before sending.
Controls where replies to a list will be directed. When poster is selected, the reply-to line will be written by Mailman so that persons hitting reply in their mail program will send their response back to the individual who posted the note. 
If the reply-to header is set to "explicit address above," the value in this field will be used in all outgoing list messages.
Send password reminders to list owners instead of list members.
umbrella_member_suffix Suffix used for sending to the list owner. -owner
send_reminders Send monthly password reminders. No
welcome_msg Specific welcome message sent to new subscribers. (none)
send_welcome_msg Send welcome message to newly subscribed members. Yes
goodbye_msg Message sent to people leaving the list. (none)
send_goodbye_msg Send goodbye messages to members when they unsubscribe from a list. Yes
admin_immed_notify List moderators will receive immediate notification of new requests. Yes
admin_notify_mchanges Administrators will receive notification when members subscribe or unsubscribe to a list. Yes
respond_to_post_requests Reply to post requests for moderated users with notification that their request is being held for approval. Yes
emergency Emergency moderation of all list traffic. No
new_member_options Options for new members joining the list.

Filter out duplicate messages

administrivia Check postings for administrative requests. No


Limit the length of a message body. 10240
admin_member_chunksize The number of members that will show on one page of the Membership List. 30
host_name The host name of list server.
include_list_post_header Include 'List-Post:' header. Yes
max_days_to_hold Number of days message will be held before discard. 0



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