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Canvas is an online platform for all academic courses such as accessing course documents, assignments, grades, communication, and all things related to teaching and learning.

SSC Guide

Student Success Collaborative (SSC) "Guide - College Simplified" is a mobile app that helps students navigate their college career and stay on track by getting important reminders and timely tips.

DuckWeb Student Information

DuckWeb is the University of Oregon’s online information system for students, faculty, and staff.

UO Degree Guide

The UO Degree Guide assists students in course planning and degree tracking. Students can view progress toward a declared major, update their degree guide, and more.

Scantron Scanning Services

Scanning Services performs optical mark scanning of Scantron exam forms.

Resource 25/25Live

Resource 25 is no longer available. The service has been transitioned to EMS Classroom and Event Scheduling.

Educational Technology Support

Information on Educational technology Support through Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET)

Educational Technology Support - College of Design

The College of Design provides educational technology support for faculty, GEs, and administrators.