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ANVILL is a Canvas tool that lets teachers create interactive speech-based lessons and assignments. H5P's suite of interactive HTML5 apps (for quizzing, interactive videos, spoken are integrated with ANVILL's audio and video authoring tools.

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Getting Started with ExPrep in Canvas

The ExPrep Grader is an automated grading tool for educators using Microsoft Excel in the classroom. ExPrep is integrated into Canvas as an external tool (LTI), and this tool is available in CRN courses offered by Lundquist College of Business.

LTI Assessment Procedure

This procedure seeks to ensure that Learning Tool Integrations (LTIs) with the UO’s Academic Learning Management System (LMS) are appropriately assessed and documented to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.

LTI Tools Status in Canvas

This is the LTI tool status for Canvas.