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ANVILL is a Canvas tool that lets teachers create interactive speech-based lessons and assignments. H5P's suite of interactive HTML5 apps (for quizzing, interactive videos, spoken are integrated with ANVILL's audio and video authoring tools.

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Classroom Technology Support and Tutorials

IS Classroom Technology general tutorial information for instructors

Epidemic Sound Music Library

How to Use Epidemic Sound. Students and faculty within the School of Journalism and Communication may access and download music files for academic use only.

How to use a SMART Board

SMART Boards combine the features of a white board with a computer. You can annotate your presentations on the fly with digital ink and save those notes for later or use the digital ink to increase class interaction. Those are only a few of the possible uses of SMART Boards.

Scanning Services

Scanning services for Scantron forms are no longer being provided. Please refer to UO Online for adding a test through Canvas.

Video and Text Resources to Configure iPhone/iPad into a Home Document Camera in the Zoom Environment

Configure iPhone/iPad to Document Camera. iPhone/iPad to Document Camera adaptation based on University of Nevada, Reno Teaching and Learning Technologies group for COVID-19 remote instruction from home guide. Supplied by Jack Kemp UO Online Education Media Producer Office of the Provost. Edited by DMP ISCT