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This article outlines the steps required to request a new campus associate appointment and set up the resulting Duck ID account.

Associate appointments are available through Human Resources under certain circumstances. If you're not sure if your contractor requires an associate appointment, please see Guest Access to UO Technology for more information.

Warning! We recommend connecting with your unit's Human Resources/Payroll staff before proceeding. They're best equipped to support you through this process, which has similarities to an employee onboarding. There may also be a standing preference in your unit for appointments to be managed by someone in a Human Resources/Payroll position.



Step 1 - Request the campus associate appointment

Submit Human Resource's Unpaid Appointment Form to request a new appointment.

Please Note: The appointment is not complete until the form has been approved by all parties and the appointment entry has been finished by central HR/Payroll.

When the appointment is complete, the person who submitted the form will receive an email message from stating the form is signed. The person who submitted the form can also check the status of the appointment at any time. Human Resources has instructions for checking status on their website.

Step 2 - Notify your associate to claim their Duck ID

The day after the appointment is completed, your associate will be able to claim their Duck ID account.

A UO ID Number (95#) is created for campus associates. The associate will need it to claim their Duck ID, so you must provide it to them. Your unit's Human Resources/Payroll staff can obtain the UO ID Number for you by looking the associate up in Banner.

Here is a template of instructions you can send to your associate:

Your Duck ID account is ready to be claimed.

  1. Visit Duck ID Account Management
  2. Click Claim Your Duck ID
  3. Enter your UO ID Number: (insert number here)
  4. Follow the steps on-screen
  5. You are finished when you see the message, "Your request was successfully submitted" or "This enrollment task is complete"

Please note that after you claim, it may take up to one hour for UOmail access to become active.

If helpful, a full guide on claiming an account click-by-click is available at New Employees: How to Claim Your Duck ID Account.

Step 3 - Optional: request additional access if needed

Technology services automatically granted to associate Duck IDs are reduced, given that their relationship to UO is different than faculty or staff.

They receive:

  • UOmail, Office 365/SharePoint, and Teams
  • Zoom
  • UO Blogs
  • General AD/Shibboleth login that works where associates are allowed by service owner

Additional technology services must be requested.

Service Who can request? How to Request
Network (VPN and Wi-Fi), Adobe Creative Cloud Associate, Department Staff/Faculty Submit a ticket at Campus Access & Support Request
Canvas, Dropbox, Slate Department Staff/Faculty Submit a ticket at Campus Access & Support Request; please describe business need for access
Banner, AppWorx, IDR/Cognos, DuckDocs Associate Submit a ticket at Business Application Access Request; access must be approved by dean or department head, just like other affiliate types
File Shares & Mapped Drive Associate, Department Staff/Faculty Submit a ticket at File Shares & Mapped Drive Request
Department Specific Services Varies by Service Submit a ticket for the relevant service; find a directory at Department Specific Services

Step 4 - Termination

When your associate's relationship to UO is finished, you must notify Human Resources to end the appointment.

This is done by submitting their Unpaid Appointment Termination form.

After they record that the appointment is terminated, the Duck ID and all related access will automatically be disabled.

Getting Help

For questions about associate appointments:

  • Contact your unit's Human Resources/Payroll representative(s)
  • More information and self-service instructions are available on the Human Resources website
  • Contact central Human Resources at or 541-346-3159

For questions about Duck ID claiming and access:


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