Information about web hosting including information about UO Drupal Hosting.

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Advanced use of

The web server system provides a limited set of advanced capabilities for web development, including use of CGI programs for forms processing and dynamic page generation. Pages is one of several ways to host websites. See the Websites Service Catalog category for a list of options.

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Website Support

How to get support for CAS websites.

UO Drupal Hosting

The purpose of UO Drupal Hosting Service is to provide an environment and infrastructure supporting the deployment of Drupal developed websites and applications in use by the University of Oregon.

Uploading Files to Your Web Space

Are you looking to set up a web page or two? You can use your Duck ID to upload files to your personal web space.

Web hosting on

Faculty, staff, and students have their own personal web space at<DuckID>. This space is for web pages, graphics, and document storage.

Where can I host or create a new website?

How-to information for new and existing website users.