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How-to connect to and use the UO's VPN.
Step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the eduroam network.
How to connect to and use UO secure.

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Pinned Article Connecting to the University's Network

The UO offers both wireless and wired access to the internet. The wireless network you use will depend on your affiliation. UO students, staff, and faculty can use uowireless or UO Secure. Guests to campus can use UO Guest or, if they're from an eduroam-participating institution, they can use eduroam.

FAQs About Connecting to UO Guest

Guest wireless Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Configure a Static IP Address on Android

This document explains the steps in getting a static IP address on android devices.

How To Diagnose Internet Connectivity Problems

Network connectivity problems can be the result of a variety of issues. This article goes through potential issues that could cause connectivity problems, including DHCP settings, proxy settings, and device drivers.

Stateful Firewall

Modern firewalls inspect network traffic in what is called a 'stateful' manner.

Static IP Address on iOS

You can set up a static IP on your iPhone/iPad by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > clicking on the "i" next to your network > Static.

Useful Host Information

Basic information about UO networks.