Duo registration guide for cell phones without the Duo Mobile app


Some non-smart cell phones (such as flip phones) may be unable to run the Duo Mobile app.

This article contains instructions on how to register a cell phone with just a number. Phones registered this way can receive SMS passcodes (over text message) and also phone calls to verify your identity.

Please note that for smart phones with the capability to use it, the Duo Mobile app is the preferred method of interacting with Duo Security for two-step login. The app is secure, convenient, and provides you with the ability to generate passcodes you can use later as an emergency backup.


  1. Open a private browsing or incognito window on your preferred browser on your desktop or laptop computer
  2. Go to a Duo-protected service (i.e., Banner, Canvas, Concur, etc.)
  3. Log in with your Duck ID and password
  4. Select Add a New Device in the Duo prompt
    Select Add a New Device (highlighted)
    1. If you have never logged into Duo, skip to Step 5
    2. If you are adding another method, Duo will request verification and will require you to verify using an existing second factor
  5. Choose Mobile phone
  6. Enter your Mobile Phone Number when prompted, check the box to confirm your number, and click Continue
  7. When it asks what type of phone you are using, choose Other (and cell phones) and click Continue
    Other (and other cell phones) is selected
  8. Your phone has now been added and can be used to receive phone calls and SMS messages for two-step login


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