Installing Licensed Software on UO-managed computer


Unable to install UO-licensed software (Panopto) without admin privileges.


UO-managed computer (Mac or Windows)


I'm trying to install Panopto but do not have administrator privileges. Please help me install this software.


Steps the technician used to solve the issue:

  1. Opened Software Center app and searched for the software installation tool in question.
  2. Clicked Install and waited for the tool to finish.
    1. This licensed and installed the app without admin credentials or additional licensing information required.
Note: This process can work for some departmental printers as well. Not intended for Adobe app installation. There are many available apps that are not installed by default.
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Fri 2/23/24 2:09 PM
Mon 3/11/24 5:22 PM

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Site-licensed software refers to any adopted software program that has proven itself over time and has a large enough following to warrant adoption for the entire campus.