Using Duo while traveling internationally


This article provides information about using Duo during travel outside of the United States.


For travelers to US embargoed countries

Including: Cuba, Iran, Crimea region of Ukraine, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan.

During travel to these areas, you are required to uninstall the Duo Mobile app, and also required to leave Duo hardware tokens at home.

You will need to rely on mobile passcodes generated before leaving, SMS passcodes, or phone callback during your travel.

For all other international travelers

If you will have access to WiFi and cellular service with data, you can use the same method(s) you normally use. These methods all work overseas when your device has a data connection:

These methods will still work even if you can't connect to any cellular or data service:

Do SMS passcodes and phone callback work with international numbers?

Yes, they do! You can register an international number with Duo, just like a US number.

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