Getting Duo passcodes by text message (SMS)


This article explains how to get passcodes via text message (SMS) to use for Duo authentication.


First, you’ll need to register a cell phone for Duo without the mobile app.


When you log in to a Duo-protected service and get the Duo prompt, click the Enter a Passcode button.

Click Enter a Passcode

Note: If you have Duo set to automatically choose one authentication method, click Cancel to proceed.
Press Cancel to disable automatic settings

At the bottom of the Duo prompt, you should see a panel that will ask you to send passcodes via text message, click on the Text me new codes button.

Click the Text me new codes button

This will send three codes to you via text message that will expire in 30 minutes.

Duo passcodes via text message

Enter the first of the passcodes into the Passcodes field then click Log In to finish authenticating.

1. Enter the first passcode, 2. Click the Remember me for 7 days checkbox (recommended), 3. Click Log In.

  1. Enter the first passcode that you received in the text message
  2. Click the Remember me for 7 days checkbox (recommended)
  3. Click Log In.

If you need to re-authenticate within the 30-minute timeframe, you can use the next passcode from your text message. Otherwise, you can repeat this process to get new passcodes.

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