Transitioning from Jabber to MS Teams


On August 1, 2019, the Jabber instant messaging service was retired. Microsoft Teams, which was launched earlier in 2019, replaces Jabber as UO's enterprise service offering for instant messaging. Below are some frequently asked questions about the transition from Jabber to Teams. 


What's the difference between Jabber and MS Teams? 

Jabber is a locally-hosted tool that provides instant messaging capabilities to UO users, such as 1:1 and group chat functionality. MS Teams is a robust, cloud-hosted collaboration platform that brings together instant messaging, videoconferrencing, audioconferencing, screensharing, file sharing, and more. Jabber is made available to UO users by request. MS Teams is automatically available to all UO employees. 


I use Jabber to chat with others. Can I do the same thing in Teams? 

Yes! In Teams, the Chats section is akin to the 1:1 chatting you might do in Jabber. In the Chats section in Teams, you can have 1:1 chats or group chats of up to 50 people. To add user/s to a 1:1 or group chat, simply search for the user by name in the edit button beside the "search or type a command" box in Teams. In addition to being able to instant message in these sessions, you can audioconference, videoconference, and screenshare with other users. 


I use multi-user chat rooms (MUCs) in Jabber. Are there chat rooms in MS Teams? 

In Microsoft Teams, you can create teams that can consist of up to 5,000 members. Teams teams are made up of channels, which are persistent chat spaces similar to Jabber MUCs where users can instant message, share files, participate in virtual meetings, and more. In Jabber, MUCs are created by request by an Information Services staff member. In Microsoft Teams, any UO employee can create and manage their own team, team channels, and team membership. For more information, see Create a Microsoft Teams team


I have Jabber chat archives saved. Can I import those into MS Teams? 

Unfortunately, there is no way to import existing chat archives into Microsoft Teams. 


Can I connect to MS Teams over XMPP? 

MS Teams doesn't support XMPP. Teams is, however, multi-platform, and offers Teams clients for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and the web. For more information, see our KB on Downloading and Installing Microsoft Teams


I use roster groups in Jabber. Are there roster groups in Teams? 

Microsoft Teams doesn't have roster groups. In Teams, to find and start collaborating with colleagues, select the edit button (pencil icon) to the left of the "Search or type a command" bar. You will be able to look up anyone with a UO email address. Additionally, you can create Teams teams with groups of colleagues, or contact groups with people you frequently collaborate with. 


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