Phone Bridging with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business


Phone bridging with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business enables users to call into Teams and SfB meetings with a phone. This can be useful in the event that network connections are unreliable or if users would prefer an alternate method to joining the meeting through an online link. This phone bridging service is available at an additional cost.

Note: Please consult with your local IT before requesting a phone bridging license. 



If you want to be able to use phone bridging with Microsoft Teams, before you purchase, ensure you are able to create Microsoft Teams meetings via the Outlook "Teams Meeting" add-in. See Creating a Microsoft Teams Meeting for more information. 


How does it work? 

When you are assigned a phone bridging license, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business meetings you set up will be automatically populated with a phone number and conference ID that you and your attendees can use to call into the meeting with a phone. You can also dial out to others from the bridge. For more information, please see Microsoft's documentation.


How much does it cost?

This service costs up to $20.79/user/year (price will vary depending on what month you purchase a license). Only the meeting organizer needs to be licensed; all meeting attendees can join those meetings with a phone for free. Both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are covered by phone bridging licenses, meaning you don't need a separate license for each service. 

Please note that phone numbers for this service are not toll-free. Attendees calling in with cell phones may incur charges from their cell phone service provider. 


Do I need a phone bridging license to create Microsoft Teams meetings? 

No. You can create Microsoft Teams meetings without a phone bridging license. A phone bridging license simply gives you the ability to conference-enable your Teams meetings. 


How do I request licenses?  

If you are a billing coordinator for your yearly Microsoft Campus Agreement or Office 365 subscription (this person is likely your IT director and/or the person responsible for agreeing to yearly Microsoft Agremeent/Office 365 charges), please fill out this form. If you are not a billing coordinator, we will coordinate with your billing coordinator to confirm these license requests. 

 After the form is received, Information Services will reach out to your department's billing coordinator for your yearly MS campus agreement/O365 subscription to coordinate the purchase. Once the licenses are purchased, an Information Services staff member will assign the license to the accounts that you specify in the form. When phone bridging licenses are assigned to users, users will receive an email notification with the subject line "You now have Office 365 Audio Conferencing". This email will contain the user's phone bridging phone number and meeting pin number. 


Can this service replace my phone? 

No. The phone bridging for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business service simply enables meeting organizers to create meetings that they, and attendees, can join from a phone. It will not give you the full functionality of a desk phone or cell phone, such as the ability to call 911. 


I already have a phone bridging license, but I forgot my pin. 

Please submit a ticket via our "Request Help" form



If you have other phone-bridging questions or need assistance, please submit a ticket via our "Request Help" form.


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