Conference Phone Bridging with Microsoft Teams


Conference phone bridging with Microsoft Teams allows meeting attendees to call into Teams meetings with a telephone. This can be useful when network connections are unreliable or if attendees would prefer an alternative method to joining the meeting through an online link.

This phone bridging service is available at no additional cost to UO staff and faculty (see below for eligibility by affiliation). The call-in conference phone number will automatically be added to newly created Teams meetings.


How does it work? 

All new Microsoft Teams meetings that you set up will be automatically populated with a phone number and conference ID that you and your attendees can use to call into the meeting with a phone. For more information, please see Audio Conferencing common questions from Microsoft.

Who is eligible?

Who can organize a Teams meeting with a call-in number?

Everyone with the following UO affiliations will be able to create Teams meetings with call-in numbers:

  • Administrative Faculty
  • Emerit
  • Faculty
  • Fixed Short-Term Faculty
  • Fixed Term Enduring Faculty
  • Staff
  • Trustee

Who can attend a Teams meeting with a call-in number?

Any meeting attendee can call into a conference call using this feature, including everyone in the above affiliations plus UO students, other UO community members, and meeting attendees without a UO affiliation.

How much does it cost?

UO now provides this service at no additional cost.

Please Note: The call-in phone numbers for this service are not toll-free. Attendees calling in with cell phones may incur charges from their cell phone service provider.

Can this service replace my phone? 

No. Phone bridging for Microsoft Teams simply allows meeting organizers to create meetings that they and attendees can call into by phone. It will not give you the full functionality of a desk phone or cell phone, such as the ability to call 911. 

Additional Resources

If you have other questions or need help, please submit a ticket on the Microsoft Teams Support page.

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