Using Microsoft Teams with Guests

Inviting a guest to your Team

If you are the owner of a team, you can invite external guests to collaborate with you.  Instructions for how to Add guests to a team in Teams.  Once your guest is added, they can go through the process below to join your team. 

  • Anyone with Teams access can invite non-affiliated users (users without a University of Oregon account) to their Teams team to collaborate.
  • Non-affiliated users are considered guests. 

How to join a Team as a guest

If you were invited to a Microsoft Teams team by a UO user, you should have received an email invitation at the email address they invited. You can start collaborating with UO users by following the instructions below.

Note: Before proceeding with the steps below, be sure to verify that the email invitation is from a legitimate address.
  1. Accessing the Teams invitation 
    1. You should have received an email invitation to the team with the subject line You have been added as a guest to the University Of Oregon in Microsoft Teams. Open the email and select the Open Microsoft Teams button. 
  2. Creating or using a Microsoft account to access Teams 
    1. If your email address is linked to a Microsoft account, a new window will open with the message: <email address> is already being used with another Microsoft account. You should sign in with that account. This means that the account you are trying to use to access Teams is already linked to a Microsoft account, so you can use those credentials for that account to sign in.
    2. If your email address isn't currently linked to a Microsoft account, you will receive the Looks like you don't have an account with us. We'll create one for you using <email address>. Follow the prompts to create a new Microsoft account. You will be prompted to input general account information and to create a new password. These are the credentials you will need to use when logging in to Microsoft Teams as a guest. 
  3. After you are signed in to your Microsoft account, either by following steps 2.1. or 2.2., navigate to You can either access your team via the web client or download the full app. Please note that some functionality in the web client is limited. 
  4. Once in Teams and approved by the meeting organizer, the team you've been invited to should automatically show up in the Teams section on the menu at the left. You can now collaborate with other members of the team. 
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