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This article describes where, when, how, and why will switched over to TDNext.


What will be different for technicians?

The system is highly transparent.All technicians who have access to the ticketing application will be able to see all tickets in that application. In other words, if a ticket is not assigned to you or your group, you will still be able to view that ticket's details. Respect the ticket's privacy and confidentiality. Do not share ticket information outside of the system.

When creating tickets in TDNext, the system will be looking for specific data attributes to ultimately make the process of gathering the right information more focused, and in the end provide a better technology support experience to you. 

The implementation approach will slowly introduce the UO Service Portal to the UO Community. It will be different, and will require some patience and understanding as you learn to navigate a new ticketing tool. 

As the UO Community adjusts to the new system, more features and functions of the tool will be implemented. The system has some powerful features including structured data and metrics that will allow IS to better track its technology support performance, improve accountability of ourselves, and in the end provide a better customer support experience for you. 

Why are we switching from RT?

With the UO Service Portal, we can integrate knowledge base articles with the ticketing system to make self-service more user friendly; data that will allow us to better analyze how well we are doing. You have heard the old adage, “you can’t improve what you can’t measure.".  The UO Service Portal is data rich and will provide useful information that will allow IS (and eventually all of campus) to better communicate, manage and deliver an even higher level of customer service.

What is the rollout plan for the UO Service Portal? 

The UO Service Portal's implementation happens in several phases. The first phase goes live August 28th, 2017. Subsequent phases will occur in increments after initial go-live. 

The phases after August 28th, 2017 will introduce more features/functions/capabilities of the UO Service Portal as the UO Community adjusts to the new UO Service Portal and more departments sign on to use it.

Will I still call the Technology Service Desk if I need technology help? 

Yes. The TSD's phone number and some methods of contact will not change. You are welcome to communicate with the TSD the same ways you do now – phone, chat, walk-in, and of course, the UO Service Portal.

The UO Service Portal replaces the email method of contacting the Technology Service Desk.

What are some of the cool features in the UO Service Portal that are not available in RT? 

Transparency. It will be very easy to see who is working your ticket at any time. 

Self-service. Tickets and knowledge articles will be available in the same system, and make it much easier for end users to solve issues on their own. 

Accountability. The system has the capability to establish parameters around how quickly IS receives, acknowledges and resolves tickets. This will provide very useful data to help IS raise the bar in terms of accountable customer service. 

Automation. Features in the system will allow auto-routing of tickets to the appropriate IS support teams, saving time and improving customer service responsiveness. 

Efficiency. The UO Service Portal has many capabilities that will make processing technology tickets more efficient. For example, when creating a ticket the user initiating the contact will have already filled out a lot of the troubleshooting information that we would have required in a response email.

What do you need from me? 

We need your understanding. Like any major new service implementation that affects the entire UO campus community it will require adjusting to change. An organization only has so much capacity to absorb change, and we are trying to be mindful. Please be patient as there will no doubt be issues that come up and will be addressed just as promptly as we can. The good news about the system is that it is highly configurable and most changes can easily be done without software engineering support.

How can I edit a person's role in the Service Portal?

You can visit service.uoregon.edu.  Click on "Request Help with the UO Service Portal".  Click on "TDNext/Technician Access" and click on "Request Help".  Fill out the form accordingly.  Click on "Request" and the form will get routed to our Team Dynamix admins.  The Team Dynamix admins will contact you when your request has been fulfilled or if the Team Dynamix admins have any follow-up questions.


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