Getting Started with Technology for Faculty and Staff


This page serves as a companion to the Information Services presentation at the New Faculty and Staff Orientation event, to help UO faculty and staff to get started with technology at the UO. You'll find the following on this page:

  • Event slides. A downloadable copy of the PowerPoint file from the orientation event on September 18, 2023.
  • List of resource links. A list of all web links from the same presentation.
  • How did we do? Feedback survey for attendees for the Sept. 18 event.

Event slides

Select the image below to download the presentation slides (PPTX file) from the orientation event. Alternatively, you may download the file from the Attachments section on the lower right side of this page.

Cover slide for September 18th presentation

List of resource links

The order below generally corresponds with the attached slide deck. This list includes a few extra links. It's not intended as a comprehensive resource on these topics.

Tech Support Contact Info

Classroom Tech Support


Managed vs. Unmanaged Devices

Types of IDs: Duck ID and UO ID

UO Does Duo

UO Service Portal (this website)

Digital Accessibility

Microsoft Office 365

Other Software


How did we do?

If you were able to attend our presentation on Sept. 18, 2023, please complete our brief feedback survey to let us know how it went and how we can improve for next time.


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