Downloading software from the UO Software website


The university offers a number of site-licensed software for faculty, staff, and students. See below for a general list of software that's offered, where to download it, and where to ask for help if needed.

Note: For managed computers, please also look into the Jamf Software Center (for macOS) and the Microsoft Software Center (for Windows)


Site-Licensed Software

  • ESRI GIS: ArcGIS Desktop, ArcInfo Workstation
  • LabVIEW
  • Mathematica
  • SPSS
  • SPSS Amos
  • and more!


For a complete list of software that is available to you and the download link, visit the UO Software website (requires Duck ID login).


For assistance with site-licensed software (i.e., request access, help with installation, etc.), visit the Site-Licensed Software service entry.

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Site-licensed software refers to any adopted software program that has proven itself over time and has a large enough following to warrant adoption for the entire campus.