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Site-Licensed Software

Service Description

"Site-licensed software" refers to any adopted software program that has proven itself over time and has a large enough following to warrant adoption for the entire campus.

The benefits of a site-licensed software approach are far reaching--money saved, more robust features, and ease of administrative and compliance governance. End-users can find all of the currently adopted software programs on a single webpage (see link below).

Click on the Request Help button to request access, receive help with installation, and/or suggest a new software program if there is a widespread need for it on campus.

Available To

UO current affiliation


Most of the software programs have built-in governance features for usage and have in-depth descriptions as to what they do and who can access them. Some programs require additional forms or methods to obtain access and others are only available to faculty and staff or students depending on the type of agreement.

Please refer to the Software Center webpage (see link below) and read through the descriptions of the software program you need access to for clarification on requirements.

Accessing the Service

Software Center webpage:


There's no additional documentation available.

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Click the Request Help button on this page if further assistance is needed

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