PaperCut FAQ Page


Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about printing in University of Oregon Computer Labs with PaperCut.


Where can I find general information about printing in computer labs?

Learn more on the Computer Lab Printing article.

Can I print in computer labs from my personal device (phone/tablet/laptop)?

Yes. Learn more on the Printing from Your Own Devices in Computer Labs article.

Can I print using the public internet kiosks across campus? 

Yes. Learn more on the Public Printing in UO Computer Labs/Libraries article.

Can I still print from my personal Mac when I get a message that says "Hold for authentication"?

Yes. Learn more on the PaperCut Hold for Authorization Error (macOS) article.

As a staff (or student staff) member, how do I release a print job for a customer in a computer lab or library?

Learn more on the Releasing Print Jobs in PaperCut article.


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