Getting Started with Computer Lab Printing

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Printers and multi-function printer/copiers are available in most campus computer labs for a nominal fee. Some lab locations may have fewer printers available or may require that jobs be submitted to a technician who will retrieve your print job for you.

Some departmental computer labs may offer free or reduced-price printing. Please consult your specific lab's documentation for additional pricing details.


  • Black-and-white (monochromatic) prints cost $0.10 per sheet of paper, whether single- or double-sided.
  • Color costs are $0.25 per side of paper.

How to Print

From a Lab Computer

  1. Print desired pages from the computer you are working on. Make note of the file name of your print job
  2. Send print job to either FindMeBW or FindMeColor print queues
  3. Go to the nearest print kiosk in your area. Any staff can help you locate the appropriate kiosk
  4. At the kiosk, swipe your UO ID cardDuck Bucks card, or Oregon card
    1. Alternatively, if you did not bring your card with you, you may sign in with your Duck ID and password
  5. Select your print job
  6. Check the amount that you will be charged as prices are dependent on the color content and paper size. Refunds cannot be given for misdirected print jobs
  7. Click on the Print button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  8. Click Logout to close your account to prevent others from using your account by mistake.

From your personal laptop or device

Printing from Your Own Devices in Computer Labs with Printers Managed by PaperCut

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