Configuring UO Secure for iOS Devices


How do connect to UO Secure on my iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)?


To connect to UO Secure:

  1. Select the Settings icon
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  3. Select the 'UO Secure' wireless network



       4. Enter your DuckID in the username field and password in the password field



       5. Select Join

       6. Select Accept or Trust for the certificate




Connecting to UO Secure with UO WiFi Setup

Step 1: Forget UO Secure Network

  1. Open Settings and tap on Wi-Fi
  2. Tap the blue information icon next to UO Secure
  3. Turn off "Auto-Join"



        4. Go back to the Wi-Fi page and toggle the Wi-Fi from "On" to "Off", and then back to "On" again. You'll want to disconnect from UO Secure and reconnect.



Step 2: Connect to UO Wifi Setup

  1. Connect to the "UO WiFi Setup" network

        2. Go to the following link:



        3. Type in your DuckID and tap the button "JoinNow"

        4. Under the pop-up "This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?", tap "Allow"

        5. On the pop-up tab "Install Profile", tap "Install"



        6. Enter your iOS device's passcode then tap "Done"

        7. Tap "Install"

        8. On the pop-up tab "Enter Password", type in your DuckID password

        9. Tap "Done"


Step 3: Reconnect to UO Secure

  1. Open Settings and tap on Wi-Fi
  2. Under the "Choose a Network..." list, tap on "UO Secure"
  3. Now you're connected to UO Secure!


If you are still having connectivity issues visit How to Fix UO Secure Connectivity Issues using UO WiFi Setup (iOS).

For additional assistance please contact our Technology Service Desk.


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