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How to connect to the eduroam on your Windows computer.
Basic information about UO networks.
Instructions on how to connect to the UO's wireless network for guests visiting the University of Oregon.
This article contains security recommendations for home Wi-Fi networks.
This article provides a high level overview of securing home networks with links to specific articles.
Learn how to connect to UO Secure and stay connected.
If your login information is correct and your device is updated, and you've tried most basic known troubleshooting methods to attempt to connect to UO Secure but it still won't connect, then this article will teach you how to fix the issue in most cases.
Step-by-step guide on how to use the UO WiFi Setup network to repair your access to UO Secure.
This guide can be helpful when trying to connect to UO Secure but your device auto-connects to another UOregon network first.

It will go over how to adjust network priority or remove unwanted existing network connections.
This page explains how to set up your macOS device to use the UO Secure wireless network.
I have been asked to find the MAC address of my Windows 10 computer for wireless configuration. Where do I look to find it, and what's a MAC address, anyway?
This page explains how to set up your Windows device to use the UO Secure wireless network.
The UO offers both wireless and wired access to the internet. The wireless network you use will depend on your affiliation. UO students, staff, and faculty can use uowireless or UO Secure. Guests to campus can use UO Guest or, if they're from an eduroam-participating institution, they can use eduroam.
You can set up a static IP on your iPhone/iPad by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > clicking on the "i" next to your network > Static.
Network connectivity problems can be the result of a variety of issues. This article goes through potential issues that could cause connectivity problems, including DHCP settings, proxy settings, and device drivers.