Configuring UO Secure (Windows)


How do I connect to UO Secure on my Windows devices?


To connect to UO Secure manually:

  1. Connect to UO WiFi Setup by selecting the WiFi icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and selecting UO WiFi Setup.Wi-Fi connection list on Windows with UO WiFi Setup highlighted
  2. A window in your default web browser will pop up. If it does not, open your web browser and navigate to
  3. Click the JoinNow button to download the installer.
    SecureW2 setup page for UO Secure with the JoinNow button highlighted
  4. Run the installer (which can be found in your downloads folder).\
  5. Enter your Duck ID (first part of your email address) and Duck ID password, then hit Next. Once the program completes, you should be authenticated for UO Secure.
    SecureW2 setup page for UO Secure with the username and password fields highlighted
  6. The program will automatically connect you to UO Secure. If it doesn't, select the WiFi icon on your top bar once more, and try reconnecting to UO Secure, it should allow you on the network now.


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