Connecting to eduroam (macOS)


This article details how to connect to the eduroam network on macOS. You may need to configure eduroam manually to connect if the initial steps fail.


How to Connect to eduroam

  1. Select the Wi-Fi icon in the top right corner and select eduroam.
  2. Once prompted, enter your full email address in the Username field and your Duck ID password in the password field.
  3. Click Join.

This process will automatically configure and connect to UO Secure, but will also configure eduroam, allowing you to connect successfully to eduroam. If the above steps are unsuccessful, follow the steps below to configure eduroam manually.


How to Manually Configure eduroam

  1. Select the Wi-Fi icon.
  2. Select UO WiFi Setup.
    • This should open a window in your default web browser.
    • If it does not, open your web browser and navigate to the UO Wifi Setup page here.
  3. Click JoinNow.
    • This will download an installer.
  4. Run the installer by double-clicking the installer from your browser.
    • If you can not find the download, search for the installer in your Downloads folder.
  5. Enter your full UO email address and DuckID password.
  6. Click Next.

Once the program completes, you should be authenticated for UO Secure and eduroam. The program will automatically connect you to UO Secure, but you can connect to the eduroam network by selecting it from the Wifi menu.

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