Lifetime email forward for graduating students FAQ


Graduating students are eligible for a lifetime email forward from their email address (Webmail). This page answers common questions about that service.


What is the lifetime email forward?

Starting in spring 2018, graduating students can put a forward on their email (Webmail) accounts to keep getting messages after they graduate. Like a change-of-address form with the post office, the forward will ensure people can still reach you at your address after you move on. You must specify an email address for messages to be forwarded to.

How can I set up the email forward?

If you are using Webmail, go to Duck ID Self-Service and follow the instructions. Students must take action to set up their own forwards.

If you are currently using Exchange or UOmail, please see Forwarding Your Email for instructions.  When access to your email account ends, you will manage your forward using Duck ID Self-Service instead.  Your forward will automatically continue.

Can I set my forward to take effect later?

No. The forward takes effect as soon as you set it up, so if you don't want to start forwarding your email yet, you may want to wait to set it up.

Can I keep the saved email messages in my account?

If you want to keep anything that is currently stored in your Webmail account, you must export it yourself. Email is only stored for a limited time after students graduate, and will be scheduled to be deleted for most students within a year of their graduation date. For instructions, see Exporting Email from Basic Email (Webmail).

Who is eligible for a lifetime email forward?

Lifetime email forwarding is available to UO students who have been awarded a degree in Fall 2017 or later.  The following degree types are eligible:  Baccalaureate Degree, Law Degree, Graduate Certificate, Masters Degree, or Doctoral Degree.

I'm already forwarding email from my account to another account. Do I need to set up a new forward for after graduation?

No. If you have already set up a forward to another email address, that setting will be used by default.

Can I change or cancel my forward later?

Yes. Even after you graduate, you can change or remove your forward at any time. To do this, visit the Duck ID Self-Service page. We recommend reviewing your Duck ID password recovery options now so that you can still access the Duck ID site in the future if you forget your password.

Will the forward continue working when my password expires?

Yes, the email forward you set will continue working after your password expires. If you wish to change or cancel your email forward, you will need a valid password. For assistance, see Change or Reset Your DuckID Password.

Can I get help with setting my forward or exporting my saved email?

Yes. The Technology Service Desk can help! Go to the Basic Email page and click the green Request Help button.

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