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How do I set up my UO voicemail mailbox and how do I use it?


1. Setting up your new UO voice mail mailbox

Before you can use your campus voice mail box, it needs to be set up.  For a brand new voicemail box, you will run through the setup tutorial.  This process prompts you to select a new security code, record a greeting, and record your name.  The setup process takes only a few minutes, but you will want to make sure you run through the entire process once you begin.

To begin the setup tutorial, from a campus phone dial 6-1111.  From your cell phone or from off campus, dial 541-346-1111 (Eugene) or 503-412-3801 (Portland).
When prompted for your mailbox number, enter your 5-digit UO extension.
When prompted for your security code, enter six zeros "000000"
Follow the tutorial prompts to change the security code, record your name, and record a greeting, Once the system tells you "Congratulations!..." you can hang up, you have successfully completed the setup process.
2. Accessing / retrieving voice mail.
  • From your email client inbox:
If you have an Exhange or UOMail email account you can listen to and manage your voicemail messages from Outlook.
To learn more about Exchange/UOMail integration please see our Exchange/UOMail integration information here.
To request Exchange/UOMail integration please submit the request here.

 If you have a non-Exchange/UOMail email account you can listen to messages by receiving a copy of new voicemail in your inbox.   Submit a ticket with Telecommunications to configure the voicemail system to send a copy of new messages to you email client.  If enabled this does not give you the option to manage the voicemail messages.  Management will still need to be perfomed via dialing into the voicemail system or logging into the Web Phone Manager.
  • From the web phone manager:

NOTE: if you have had Exchnage/UOMail integration enabled you will not be able to listen to or manage your messages in the web phone manager.  Please use Outlook to listen to and manage your messages.

Go to, enter your 5-digit UO extension and your voice mail numeric security code (NOTE: this page is accessible from campus computers and off-campus via uovpn).  Once logged in, click on Web Phone Manager Settings and select how you want to hear your voice mail.  The default is to call you at the listed extension and play you the voice mail message; many people prefer to select "Streaming Media" and have the message played on your computer speakers.  Click OK to save your selection. Now click on Home, then the Inbox tab.  You can click on any messages in your inbox.  If you selected "Streaming Media", and your computer does not have the Adobe Flash software, there is a link you can use that says "Get Flash" to download and install Flash.

  • By telephone:

Dial one the voice mail main numbers:

A UO phone
Area code 503 (Portland)
All other area codes including 541
When prompted for your mailbox number, enter your 5-digit UO extension
When prompted for your security code, enter your voice mail security code.  Follow the prompts to retrieve voice mail.
Click here for more information about navigating and using the voicemail system.


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