Creating a knowledge base article


This article is designed to provide a cursory overview on creating a knowledge base article (KBA) in the UO Service Portal. To create a new knowledge base article, follow the instructions below.

Note: For additional style guide standards, please refer to the Related Articles panel on this page.

From the Knowledge Base

  1. Choose the knowledge base category (or sub-category) where you'd like your article to reside
  2. Click on + New Article
  3. Choose a Standard template for your article from the Template drop-down menu in the article editor
    Select the Templates drop-down menu in the editor to choose a template.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Subject (e.g., How to do a thing; Getting Started with this application).
    • Body (See the Knowledge Base Article Requirements Rubric for a quick reference).
    • Summary of the article.
    • Add anchors and a Table of Contents (optional, but recommended if you have three headings/subheadings or more).
    • Add tags (optional).
    • Select whether to be notified on feedback (recommended).
  5. Click Save.
  6. When your article is finalized, click on the > Submit Article button. Your article will be submitted for review.
  7. When your article has been approved by the USS Knowledge Manager, you will receive an email notification and the status of your article will be changed to Approved.

From within TDNext

For more information, please consult the Article creation from a ticket article.

Additional Assistance

For any additional questions not listed here or in the Related Articles panel, please submit a ticket to the Knowledge Management Support service page or select Create a ticket on this page.

Create a Ticket


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