How to Add a Preferred First Name


How do I change my first name if I have not legally changed it?


You can add or update your preferred first name using DuckWeb:

  1. Login to DuckWeb using your UO ID Number and PAC
  2. Select Personal Information
  3. Select Personal Information Application (and login with your Duck ID if prompted)
  4. The top Personal Details block contains your name; click the Edit icon on the right
  5. Enter your preferred first name in the text box provided, then click Update
  6. Your change will appear in most places automatically the following day


  • Preferred first name appears on class lists, in Canvas, on most advising and student pages in DuckWeb, in the Find People online directory, and as your display name in UOmail, Office 365, and Teams
  • If you want both your Legal and Preferred First Name to appear in Find People, enter both of your names as follows: William "Bill" (with the quotation marks).


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