Setting Up CrashPlan (Mac)


CrashPlan has not been installed or signed in to, and it needs to be configured to take automatic backups.


UO-owned and managed Mac computer.


CrashPlan is not currently set up on my Mac computer.



  1. Open the Software Center app.
  2. Locate the CrashPlan installation tool and click Install.
  3. Wait for the tool to finish running.

Sign In and initial setup 

  1. If CrashPlan does not open immediately after installation, open the CrashPlan app in your Applications folder.
  2. Enter your UO email address and your email password into the fields provided.
  3. This should redirect you to log in with your Duck ID and your email password.
  4. If the you are asked to adopt a previous backup or to set up as a new device, choose Set up as a New Device.
  5. The backup should now begin and will take place in the background until complete while your device has an active network connection. The backup may take several days, but the process is designed to minimize hogging the computer's resources, so you should not notice adverse performance effects.

Possible Errors

  1. CrashPlan may take a long time to load (prior to login) and then show the error Unable to reach background service. In that instance, rebooting the computer and then relaunching CrashPlan typically solves the problem.
  2. For all other errors, please reach out to your department of unit IT support, as CrashPlan administrators may need to provide you with a license. If a license has been provided, they can also help troubleshoot the issue.


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