Setting Up CrashPlan (Windows)


CrashPlan has not been installed or signed into, and it needs to be configured to take automatic backups.


UO-owned Windows computer.


CrashPlan is not currently set up on my Windows computer.


CrashPlan installed successfully using the following steps:


  1. In a browser, navigate to the CrashPlan login page
  2. Enter your UO email address, and click Sign In.
  3. You are redirected to a Shibboleth login page to sign in with your Duck ID.
  4. After logging in, hover over the Administration drop-down menu, and under Client Management, click on Downloads.
  5. From the list of downloads, look to the right of the newest version of the Windows - 64-bit processor installer to begin downloading the CrashPlan installer click the Download icon
  6. After the installer is downloaded, run the installer.
  7. When asked whether to install CrashPlan as Only for me or Everybody, select Everybody, and choose Next.
  8. Click through the remainder of the installer to complete installation.

CrashPlan will automatically open after installation.

Sign In

  1. After opening CrashPlan, you will be taken to a login window.
  2. Enter your UO email address in the Username field, and enter in the Server Address field.
  3. You are redirected to a Shibboleth login page to sign in with your Duck ID.

After logging in, the application will automatically create a new backup group for your computer and begin taking a backup of your device.


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Mon 2/19/24 1:56 PM
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