Using Live Transcription for Zoom


This article is designed to guide Zoom users through the process of enabling live auto-generated transcription within Zoom. It is available to all UO faculty, staff, and students without any additional costs.

This feature must be enabled for hosts in order for attendees to view any live transcription within a Zoom meeting. If it is not enabled, attendees cannot turn it on for themselves.

Note: Auto-generated transcription may not be effective to meet disability-related accommodations and a professional transcriber may be required per the determination of the Accessible Education Center for students or Human Resources for employees.

How to enable live transcription

Live transcription is part of a setting for closed captioning within Zoom that will need to be activated by the user before it is properly enabled.

  1. Log in to your Zoom account settings by going to and then signing-in with your Duck ID and password.
    Click Sign In to authenticate and see your Zoom settings
  2. Click Settings, then Meeting, then In Meeting (Advanced)
    Click on Settings, then Meeting, then In Meeting (Advanced)
  3. Enable Closed Captioning and then check the box next to Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting
    Enable Closed Captioning, then check the box to enable live transcription.

How to use live transcription

After enabling the feature as described above, you must also turn on the feature within each Zoom meeting.

Note: This feature must be enabled for hosts in order for attendees to view any live transcription at all. If it is not enabled, attendees cannot turn it on for themselves.
  1. In a Zoom meeting, click on the Live Transcript button on your toolbar to configure your options.Select Live Transcripts from the Zoom menu bar in an active meeting
  2. Click on the Enable Auto-Transcription button within that menu.
    Select Enable-Auto Transcription

Closed captions should now appear on the bottom panel of your Zoom window.

Viewing the transcript during a Zoom call

Once captions appear they will only appear on your screen for a short period. In order to see the entire transcript from throughout the Zoom call, you can have the transcript appear in a panel on the right-side of the screen by selecting View Transcript from the Live Transcript menu.

Note: This will only appear when Live Transcripts are on.
  1. Ensure that Live Transcripts have been enabled
  2. Then, hover your mouse cursor over the upper-right corner of the icon, a menu icon will appear. Click on it for options:Select the arrowhead next to Live Transcript for more options
  3. To view the transcript, click on View Full Transcript and the transcript panel will appear on the right side of the window. The panel features a search function that will help hosts and attendees with finding anything specific from it.
    Full transcript panel on the right-hand side of the Zoom Meeting window
  4. If you would like to adjust the settings for the subtitles and how they interact with Zoom's other controls, select the Subtitle Settings... option from the Live Transcript menu to open the Accessibility screen.
    Settings screen, Accessibility options
    Note: This screen can also be accessed by going into the Zoom Preferences and selecting Accessibility.


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