Zoom: Using Automated Transcripts (Captions) for Recordings


Learn how to enable and disable captioning (automated transcripts) for your Zoom recordings.


Zoom provides Automated Speech Recording (ASR), also known as "mechanical captions," for all new recordings at no additional cost. This type of transcription is not generally considered of sufficient accuracy to qualify as accessible. But it's a good starting point for the recording's owner to then edit and correct the captions to improve the quality.

Adjusting Settings for Automated Transcripts

  1. Go to https://uoregon.zoom.us/, click Sign in, and log in with your Duck ID and password
  2. Click Settings, then Recording
  3. To enable, under the Advanced cloud recording settings within the Cloud Recording section, check the box for Audio transcript
  4. To disable, under the Advanced cloud recording settings within the Cloud Recording section, uncheck the box for Audio transcript


  • Toggling automated transcripts on or off in Zoom will affect all upcoming recordings but no past recordings.
  • If no transcript is available for the recording, either the automated system could not understand the audio or the user's profile has automated transcripts disabled.

More Information

For more information about transcribing recordings, visit Zoom's Automatically Transcribe Cloud Recordings article.

Need help?

To request help, submit a ticket via the Zoom Support service.

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