Using Live Transcription for Teams


Learn how to use live transcription in Microsoft Teams.

Please Note: Live transcripts only work on Teams-to-Teams meetings.

Turning on transcription

In order to turn transcription in your meeting:

  1. Go to the meeting controls
  2. Select the More options (three-dots) menu
  3. Select Record and transcribe
  4. Select Start transcription

The transcription will start to record and will appear along the right-side of the meeting screen.

Transcription options

Speaker language setting

You can change the transcript to transcribe the speaker(s) into one of 34 different languages.

Note: When changing this setting, it will affect all of the participants in the meeting including the speaker.

To change the language:

  1. In the transcript panel, select the three-dot icon at the top-right and select Change Spoken Language
  2. Choose one of the available languages
  3. You will be prompted to make this change for all of the speakers in the meeting, then select Confirm to save the change.

Hide or show the transcript

If you would like to enable the transcript then hide it from your view:

  1. Go to the meeting controls and select the More options (three-dots) menu
  2. Select Hide transcript or Show transcript from the menu

Turning off transcription

In order to turn off transcription:

  1. Go to the meeting controls
  2. Select to the More options (three-dots) menu
  3. Select Record and transcribe
  4. Select Stop transcription or Stop recording (if the meeting is being recorded)

The transcription will be available in a downloadable file once the meeting and any necessary processing has ended.

Downloading the transcript

Once the meeting has finished:

  1. Select the Calendar icon in Teams
  2. Open the meeting event then select the Recordings & Transcripts tab.
  3. Select the Download drop-down menu
    1. To download a Word Document, select Download as .docx
    2. To download a transcript text file, select Download as .vtt

Attaching a transcript to share with mobile participants

Once the transcript file has been downloaded:

  1. Go into the meeting chat
  2. Select the Attach icon beneath the compose box and upload the file

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