Zoom: How to Share Meeting Scheduling and Hosting Responsibilities


On a team where multiple people coordinate the team's events, or offices where a person provides support to another, it can be helpful to grant permission to schedule or host Zoom meetings for you.

In this article, learn:

For instructions on scheduling a Zoom meeting for your own account, visit our Zoom: Scheduling Meetings article.


  • Both you and your delegate(s) must have UO Zoom Pro licenses to delegate scheduling privileges to them for your account.
  • The user being granted the scheduling privilege on your account will need to log out of Zoom and log back in for their scheduling privilege option to appear.


Delegating Scheduling Privileges to Another Zoom User

Scheduling privilege allows another user (or users), whether they're an executive administrator or support team, to:

  • Schedule meetings on your behalf, and...
  • Act as an alternative host for all your meetings

Follow the steps in the Scheduling Privilege article on the Zoom site to learn how to grant scheduling privilege or schedule for another user once the privilege has been granted.


If you confirm all the above are true, submit a ticket via the Zoom Support service if you are still experiencing issues.

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Designate an Alternative Host for a Meeting

The alternative host option allows you to schedule a meeting and designate another user with a UO Zoom Pro account to start the meeting if you are unable to attend. This user will receive an email notifying them they've been added an an alternative host to your meeting, as well as a link to start the meeting. The alternative host will need to use the link in the email or have the calendar invite sent to them by the original host and use the join link there.

Note: The meeting will not display in the alternative host's upcoming meetings list in the desktop client or mobile app.

Follow the steps in the Alternative Host article on the Zoom site to learn how to add an alternative host to your meeting.

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Add a Co-Host to a Meeting

The co-host feature allows you to share hosting privileges with another user in a meeting. This can be useful to allow another user to manage the administrative side of the meeting, such as muting participants or starting/stopping the recording. 

Co-hosts are assigned during a meeting and cannot start a meeting. If a host needs someone else to be able to start the meeting, they can assign an alternative host when scheduling the meeting.

Follow the steps in the Using a Co-Host article on the Zoom site to learn how to add an alternative host to your meeting.

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To request help, submit a ticket via the Zoom Support service or click the Request Help button on this page.

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