Spam Filtering General Information


Spam filtering is available to everyone with e-mail addresses. Basic spam filtering is turned on for new accounts automatically. However, you may want to adjust settings to best fit your spam filtering needs.

To change your settings, log in at


Configuration Options: Description:
Default The same as "Filter spam" below.
None All messages are delivered. No filtering occurs.
Tag spam in Subject header  All email is delivered regardless of its suspected spam status. The subject line of suspected spam is re-written to include "SPAM." Advanced users: x-mailer headers can be used for local filter rules as desired. For example, custom rules in Outlook or Mac OS Mail.
Organizational Spam Policy

Spam is automatically quarantined on the Proofpoint server. Users can view and release messages or adjust settings via the Proofpoint web page. This is the default setting for all users.

Daily Digest Message
By default, all users receive a daily summary of spam messages complete with links to control their handling (i.e. release a message from the quarantine.) If you prefer to disable this "digest" message, un-check the boxes in the interface shown below:
Daily E-mail Digest

Sample Digest Message
Digest view of Proofpoint

Explanation of Options:

  • View: see the message.
  • Release: frees the message from quarantine and sends the message to your e-mail inbox.
  • Safelist: releases the message and any subsequent messages from the same sender.
  • Not Spam: reports the false-positive back to Proofpoint for more accurate filtering.

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I block a sender?

See Blocking an Email Address Using Proofpoint

How do I allow a blocked sender through?

See Adding New Safe Sender in Proofpoint

The digest message appears to be blank.

The digest message itself is HTML. Make sure your email program has HTML viewing capability, and is enabled.

How can I delete spam from my quarantine?

The Proofpoint system is designed to automatically discard spam after two weeks. One cannot manually select items in the quarantine for deletion.

I received a spam message and wish to report it.

Unfortunately, there is no practical way to do this. The number of spam messages sent and received globally exceeds the number of legitimate messages. This means that there isn't any practical way to deal with individual reports of spam. All modern spam blocking mechanisms are mostly automated simply due to the sheer volume of spam. For example, see this CNET article from 2007 estimating that 95 percent of all email is spam. For most users, the Proofpoint system will deliver a dramatic improvement over our prior spam-filtering efforts. One will likely find that the single digest (summary message) replaces the ten or more spam messages a typical user receives daily.

However, if it is a phishing email (they are trying to get your credentials for their own gain) you can report the email by forwarding it to

Can I manually request a digest (if I normally have that feature off)?

Yes. Log in to spam filtering settings, and make sure "Profile" is selected on the left. From there, select "Request Digest" from the "Lists" drop-down menu.

Comments? Questions? Need Help? Visit the Spam Filtering service page.


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