How to Login to Shell

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How do I log into Shell?



Not sure what shell is? See Shell.

Before logging into Shell you need to make sure you have enabled shell access for your UO account. To learn how, see Enabling Shell Access.

Windows 10 version 1803 and newer

  1. Open the Command Prompt or PowerShell
  2. Type: ssh (replacing DuckID with your Duck ID username) and press enter
  3. Verify the fingerprint matches the one found at Shell, then type yes and press enter
    • You will only be asked to verify the fingerprint the first time you connect to Shell.
  4. Enter your Duck ID password and press enter

Example of logging into SSH from Windows.

Windows 10 version 1709 and older

  1. Obtain an SSH client
    • If you do not know of an SSH client, a comparison of a number of available ones can be found on Wikipedia
  2. Connect to the host on the default port of 22
    • Other SSH clients will have different steps to connect. Please consult their help and documentation pages for more information on how to connect.
  3. Login using your normal Duck ID username and password


  1. Open the Terminal application (located in Applications > Utilities folder)
  2. In Terminal type: ssh (replacing DuckID with your Duck ID username)
    • If you have never logged into shell before, you may be asked to confirm the fingerprint that identifies the server.
    • Verify the fingerprint matches the one found at Shell, then type yes and hit enter to continue.
  3. Enter your Duck ID password.

Here is a sample of the login process to Shell. The sections highlighted in yellow is text entered by the user attempting to connect.

Example of logging into SSH from macOS. The yellow highlights are where the user entered information.


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