Uploading Files to Your Web Space


Are you looking to set up a web page or two? You can use your Duck ID to upload files to your personal web space on pages.uoregon.edu .


Quick Settings

To make a file available on the web, use an SFTP program (such as one of the ones listed on this page) to connect to sftp.uoregon.edu. Put your files in the public_html folder.

To view your web pages, you will want to visit:

https://pages.uoregon.edu/<your Duck ID>/<filename>

For example, if your Duck ID is "bbogus" and you upload a file called "cv.html", use the web address


Note that file names are case sensitive. A file called "CV.html" is seen as different than "cv.html".

Using an SFTP client

We have instructions available for setting up the following SFTP clients:

SSH Fingerprints

You can use one of the following fingerprints to verify that you are talking to the correct server (sftp.uoregon.edu):

Type Algorithm Fingerprint
RSA MD5 4c:09:50:2a:58:47:0f:4c:d6:a3:27:64:e3:39:0c:19
RSA SHA256 n1y5/AfMhxT2vP+Al+YsZ0nu+VhrHEUi19eCQDvjrXg
ED25519 MD5 f9:db:51:15:63:3b:a6:f4:b0:c5:82:32:cc:26:5b:66
ED25519 SHA256 h82IpfxrRZda+0jjJrcTso0jpcPnUabL2liCuJfUiac
ECDSA MD5 f1:81:0f:51:85:5e:e8:c4:c4:ab:f3:a2:94:e8:ba:da
ECDSA SHA256 lSz19eGywbfgz+QhmJUrENBSQlNi031n+GeQ/hIwMM4.\

Using a web design app

Some web design apps have support for SFTP built-in, allowing you to create your website and upload it in the same app. We do not currently have any instructions for specific web design apps.

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Faculty, staff, and students have their own personal web space at pages.uoregon.edu/<DuckID>. This space is for web pages, graphics, and document storage.