How to Transfer Files with Fetch


This page explains how to transfer files to and from your account using Fetch for macOS.

Please Note: These directions are written for Fetch, version 5.

How to connect

Start by connecting to the server:

  1. Start Fetch. The program will automatically ask for your connection information.
  2. In the Hostname box enter
    1. Make sure to select SFTP from the Connect using: drop-down menu.
  3. In the Username and Password boxes enter your Duck ID information
  4. Click the Connect button.
    This picture shows the first box that shows up when using Fetch. The first input box is where the Hostname goes, the second input box is for your Duck ID username, and the third input box is for your Duck ID password.

Uploading and Downloading

Once connected, to upload a file or folder to your account, click the Put button in the toolbar:

This picture shows the "Put" button in the Fetch toolbar; it is an icon of the Earth with an up arrow in front.

To download a file or folder from your account to your computer, select the file or folder in the Fetch window and click the Get button.

You can also transfer files and folders by dragging-and-dropping the items into the Fetch window.

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