Getting Started with Shell


The Shell server is open to all UO students, faculty, and staff with valid Duck ID credentials. 

Users may SSH to or wish to access account files may use an SFTP client with


Logging In

The shell server is open to all UO students, faculty, and staff with valid Duck ID credentials. Make sure that your account is provisioned for shell access before attempting to log in.

See How to log into Shell.

Using the Server

The Shell server is intended to be used for execution of interactive applications such as PINE or other standard Red Hat Linux based software packages, and for publication of documents via web space provided to all UO affiliates via the<username> URL scheme.

Hardware Description

The shell server is a virtual machine hosted in VMware and provides access to these resources:

  • 2 virtual CPUs (equivalent to Intel Xeon 2.60GHz)
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • User home directories: NFS home directories with 50GB user quota (presented at /home[1-16]/<username)
  • Scratch directory: NFS temporary storage directory with 250GB available (presented as /scratch)

SSH Fingerprints

You can use one of the following fingerprints to verify that you are talking to the correct server:

New keys:

On the morning of February 16th, 2021, Shell was moved to the new Red Hat 8 server. After this change you will receive errors or warnings from SSH clients about changed and new SSH host keys and you will need to delete existing keys from your clients and accept the new ones to log in. The fingerprints for the new keys are:

Algorithm Fingerprint
RSA SHA256 2Bm2siWKXuf3BCytPOM1Fn7Cn1yaRtc4qpJjko8fqsc
RSA MD5 fc:56:e5:94:65:1e:13:18:06:b6:c9:43:de:44:e3:44
ECDSA SHA256 qe76fdncrnnvHysBKIP60UFpDN6zMN5Qt+U6DVZ5PIU
ECDSA MD5 00:31:96:21:7a:2c:e4:3b:6a:81:00:85:10:8d:79:34
ED25519 SHA256 UBijoGIcPKuOekOmwkFvVPIwdUZjnZGdqpcqo6CSmiY
ED25519 MD5 3a:25:b7:53:08:eb:aa:df:3a:10:f4:eb:a4:55:44:b4


Request help through the Personal/Student Desktop and Devices service.


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