Opting in to UOmail

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If you currently use Webmail, you can now opt in to UOmail, UO's modern email and calendar service in Office 365.

Students using Webmail will be upgraded to UOmail through a series of scheduled transitions starting February 9, 2022. Students will be notified by email before their transition. You can still opt in to UOmail any time before your assigned transition date. Learn more at UOmail for Students.

(Not sure which email system you're on? See All About Email at UO.)

How to opt in

  • Go to Duck ID Self-Service, select Manage Your Duck ID, and log in.
  • Click the link labeled Opt in to UOmail.
  • If you're sure you're ready to opt in, check the checkbox, then click the Opt in to UOmail button.

What to expect if you opt in

  • Your account will be activated in the UOmail system overnight.
  • If you want to save your Webmail messages, you will need to move them. You'll have 6 months (180 days) to do that, starting the day after you opt in. See below for instructions.

After you've opted in

Starting the day after you've opted in:

  • Check email online at uomail.uoregon.edu.
  • If you prefer to use Outlook, the mail app on your mobile device, or another program to check your email, see Getting Started with UOmail for instructions.
  • Moving your old Webmail messages is optional. You'll have access to them for six months (180 days) after your transition to UOmail. If you want to keep them, you'll need to take action. Please see Getting Started with UOmail for options.

Getting Help

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk or submit a ticket online using Email and Calendar Help.

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