Setting Up UOmail: Windows Mail Application


Learn how to configure your email account to the Windows Mail application.


Note: You may need to connect to the UO VPN when adding the account if you are off-campus.
  1. Start Windows Mail.
  2. Click Accounts on the left-hand side.
  3. Click + Add account.
  4. Select Office 365.
  5. Enter your full UO email address, and click Next.
    • If it asks you to sign in, select Work or school account.
  6. Enter your Duck ID password, and click Sign in.
  7. You can choose to "Allow my organization to manage my device". Check or uncheck the box, then click Yes.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Click Done again.

How to Update Your Password

  1. Start Windows Mail.
  2. Click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Click Manage Accounts in the window that appears on the right side.
  4. Select your UO account.
  5. Enter your new Duck ID password in the Password field.
  6. Click Save.
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