Unable to connect to file share on Mac laptop

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User is unable to log in with their Duck ID credentials to a file server. User had recently changed their password, but the new password was working for all other services.


Managed MacOS laptop


My computer here in the office is a Windows computer, and there are shared files I have access to through the file explorer there, so USS helped me replicate that on my new laptop.

I was just doing some work on my (Mac) laptop and making sure I had all the same bookmarks and what not as my office computer, and I was having trouble finding my shared file drive. I know it would be in the "finder" that looks like a little smiley face, but do not see my shared files anywhere in there. I do see an application downloaded to my desktop that's called "files" which I think might be what I'm looking for. It's asking me to put in a password to access it, and all the passwords I've tried aren't working and there's no option to rest it. I am going to be working remotely on a handful of occasions the next couple months (starting Thursday this week), so I'd like to get this all back up and running before then. Thank you for your help!


Rebooting the affected computer flushed the old cached credentials and allowed the user to log in to the file share successfully. In some cases, it may be necessary to preface the username with ad\ such that a the username field would look like ad\johndoe.

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